UK To Send 6,000 Missiles To Ukraine For Fighting Against Russia


Boris Johnson, prime minister of the United Kingdom said that, United Kingdom is going to be sending 6,000 missiles and 33 million dollars in the financial aid to the army of Ukraine for the purpose of helping the country to fight against the forces of Russia.

The announcement of the finding and the additional military hardware that are including the anti-tank and the high explosive weapons has come on the evening of the G7 and NATO summits that are set for discussing the invasion of Russia on Ukraine.

According to the office of Boris Johnson, the leader of the United Kingdom is going to urge the western allies for stepping a gear in the responses to the actions of Russia by providing the enhanced defensive support to Ukraine and also doubling down on the sanctions on the economy.

Boris Johnson has also detailed the intention of London for working with the partners for bolstering the defense capabilities of Ukraine including the intelligence and long-range targeting, and he also said that, they cannot and are not going to stand by as Russia is grinding towns and cities of Ukraine into dust.

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Boris Johnson also said that, the government of United Kingdom is going work with their allies for stepping up the military and economic support to Ukraine along with strengthening their defences.