UK to Launch Daily Covid-19 Test in Food Industry to Fight Pandemic


On Thursday, 22nd July 2021, the government of United Kingdom said, the daily contact testing is going to be rolled to the workplaces in the food Industry of the country so that the people working in the food industry that have been notified by the NHS covid-19 application can possibly keep working if they are tested negative for the virus instead of quarantining themselves for 10 days.

Many supermarkets in UK are currently having shortage of some particular products that mainly incudes the products, which have high demand in the market after the NHS Covid-19 application have informed or notified the workers or staff for quarantining themselves, who have encountered someone infected by the novel corona virus.

The newspapers in United Kingdom have posted the pictures of the empty shelves in the supermarkets on their front pages and have declared it as a pandemic, and with the novel corona virus cases increasing to around 50,000 cases per day in the United Kingdom, hundreds of thousands of people in the country have also been advised by the contact-tracing application of NHS UK to quarantine themselves for 10 days.

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The government of United Kingdom also said, it is going to set the priority testing sites at some of the largest supermarket distribution centres in the country this week, and around 500 testing sites are going to be starting in next week.

Sajid Javid, health secretary of United Kingdom said, as they are going to manage this corona virus and do everything, they possibly can for the purpose of breaking the chains of the transmission of the virus along with the daily contact testing of the workers in the food industry, which will be helping in the efforts for decreasing the disruption caused by the increasing covid-19 cases across UK.