UK To Investigate Technology To Deliver Broadband Through Water Pipes


The Yorkshire Water has now launched an investigation into a new scheme that is designed for delivering the superfast broadband through the water pipe to the rural communities in the region of South Yorkshire.

The project, which had been awarded a government grant of 1.2 million pounds is going to be seeing the fibre optic cables, which are laid within 17 kilometres of the network of the water company between the region of Penistone and Barnsley in the region of South Yorkshire. The fibre optic cables are also used for powering the internet connections of the households.

The cables are going to put into what the company has called the messenger pipes, and these pipes are going to be protecting the cables and also making sure that, they does not touch the water. The first technology for inserting the fibre optic cables into the water pipes had been approved for use in the United Kingdom by the regulator of drinking water in Wales and England.

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Julia Lopez, digital infrastructure minister of the United Kingdom said, by digging up the roads and the land has been one of the biggest hurdles for launching the faster broadband and hence they are now investing to explore how they can possibly make the use of the existing water network for accelerating the deployment and is also helping them to detect and prevention of the water leaks.