UK to Investigate Cloud Services Dominated by Microsoft, Amazon and Google


The UK communications regulator will investigate cloud technology services that are dominated by Amazon, Google, and Microsoft combine for over 80 percent of total revenues in the public cloud infrastructure services market of the United Kingdom.

Ofcom, the UK regulator conducting the study, can make recommendations to the UK government to change regulations or policy, and take competitive enforcement actions. Ofcom is to examine the position of Amazon, Google, and Microsoft in cloud technology services, as part of a new programme of work to ensure the digital communications market is working well for businesses and people in the United Kingdom. The regulator also said that if competition concerns are identified, it could lead to further action.

Ofcom will also launch a study in the coming weeks to explore the market dominance positions of these three technology giants in the United Kingdom.

According to Ofcom, they will examine the strength of competition in cloud services and the positions of three big companies in the market. They will also consider any market features that may limit innovation and growth in the industry by making it difficult for other companies to enter the market and expand their share.

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