UK To Focus on Nuclear Power Under New Energy Security Strategy


The government of the United Kingdom has published an energy security strategy that is aiming for boosting the energy independence of the country followed by the increase power prices and the volatility in the global markets because of the invasion of Russia in Ukraine.

Under this strategy, around eight nuclear reactors can possibly built on the existing locations, along with the one that is approved every year until 2030. This strategy is also including the plans for increasing the production of the wind and solar energy farms of the United Kingdom and also the assets of the hydrogen energy.

Under this plan, around 95 percent of the electricity of the company can possibly ben drawn from the sources along with the low carbon footprints by the year 2030. Boris Johnson, prime minister of the United Kingdom said, they are now setting out the bold plans for the purpose of scaling up and accelerating the clean, affordable and secure energy made in the United Kingdom and for the country from the new nuclear to the offshore wind energy in the upcoming decades.

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He also said that, this is also going to decrease their dependence on the sources of power exposed to the volatile international prices, which they cannot control so that, they can fully enjoy the greater self-sufficiency energy and also cheaper bills.