UK to End Quarantine Rules for Fully Vaccinated People of US and European Union


The plans for opening the international borders for travel are now expected to be announced in the coming weeks, along with the minister of United Kingdom that are poised for allowing the people, who have been fully vaccinated in the European Union and in the United States can now possibly avoid quarantining themselves after arriving in UK from the amber list countries.

This move from the government of United Kingdom is going to benefit million of the people by letting them to be reunited with their friends and families, who are based in the United Kingdom, and also the businesses in the tourism and aviation industries, which have been hit hard by the novel corona virus pandemic.

For now, only those people, who have been vaccinated by the NHS are eligible for a covid-19 pass to show upon their arrival in the country, that is going to allow them to avoid the period of self-isolation if they are coming from the amber list countries, under the rules of the traffic light system, which is responsible for grading the countries according to the number of covid-19 cases in those countries.

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The citizens of the United States, who are having the corona virus vaccine card that is proving they have been fully vaccinated and the citizens of the European Union, who are using the green pass of the European Bloc for the purpose of showing that they are fully vaccinated are also expected to have the documents recognized, as long as the corona virus vaccines, which they have used are authorized for use in the United Kingdom.