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UK to Develop Its Own Satellite Network, After Removing from the EU’s Galileo


Enduring a plan of rivaling with European Union’s Galileo Project, the UK government has announced plans for launching a new satellite network. Being established by the EU to rival US Global Positioning System, Galileo is a 10 billion Euro project and has appeared as a cross-road amid Britain and EU.

This news came just after when the EU has decided to transfer the backup site of Galileo to Spain, which was previously in the UK. Philip Hammond, the EU chancellor has already cautioned about Britain might build its own networks of satellites if removed from the EU project.

Just after the update of the UK not being included in Galileo after Brexit, the government decided to allocate about 92 million Euros for constructing an alternative. The money would come from that budget fund which was announced last year.

Talking about the desire to remain in Galileo’s project, British Prime Minister Theresa May said that they would not accept to be “shut out from discussions and contracts.”

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She added, “Unless we receive assurance that we can collaborate on a close basis in the future – like the close security partners we aspire to be – we are clear that we will withdraw UK support for Galileo and pursue our own sovereign satellite system.”

Retorting on the same, the EU said that they would let the UK to continue in the Galileo’s project but stated denial of access of the encrypted version.