UK to Allow 100% Capacity Crowd in Stadiums From 19th July 2021


On Monday, 5th July 2021, Boris Johnson, prime minister of United Kingdom said, the sports stadiums and several other venues throughout the United Kingdom can now be able to operate with a full capacity of the crowds without having any of the novel corona virus restrictions.

Boris Johnson said, the people will be allowed in the stadiums from 19th July 2021, and it has been the first time, when the venues and stadiums in United Kingdom can be filled to the capacity crowd of 100 percent since the beginning of the novel corona virus pandemic in March 2020, which has forced dozens of sport events to shut across the world.

Blake Welton of Sky Sports said, the so-called corona virus vaccine passports, are not going to be mandatory by the government of United Kingdom, but the vaccine passports can possibly be used by the individual teams or venues according to their wish.

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Blake Welton also said, they are going to be moving away from the legal restrictions and will also be allowing the people of the country for making their own decisions about hot to manage the novel corona virus, and a final decision from the government of United Kingdom is expected to be made on 12th July 2021.

On Sunday, 4th July 2021, the organizers of Wimbledon tennis tournament announced, the tournament is going to have a capacity crowd from 50 percent to 100 percent on the Centre Court and No. 1 Court, that will be starting with the quarterfinal round, along with the restrictions as the All-England Croquet Club, which are set to be lifted in the Upcoming days.