UK Study: Mixing Vaccine Provides Better Protection Against Covid-19


According to a UK stud, a mix and match approach to the novel corona virus vaccines, by using the different corona virus vaccine jabs for the first and second doses are successful in providing better protection against the novel corona virus. The trail known as Com-Cov have been looking at the efficacy of either two doses of AstraZeneca covid-19 vaccine, along with two doses of Pfizer covid-19 vaccine, or one followed by the other vaccine.

On Monday, 29th June 2021, according to a report, all the combinations of the covid-19 vaccines have been working well along with boosting the immune system of the people. According to the experts, the knowledge of this study could possibly offer flexibility for the novel corona virus vaccine rollout.

Prof Jonathan Van-Tam, deputy chief medical officer of United Kingdom said, there had been no reason for the purpose of changing the ongoing successful same dose corona virus vaccine schedules in the United Kingdom, although, the given novel corona virus vaccines had been in a good supply along with saving the lives of the people.

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Jonathan Van-Tam also said, but mixing the corona virus vaccine doses can be responsible in providing them with even more flexibility for a booster program, along with providing support to the countries, which have to go with the covid-19 vaccine rollouts in the future and also who might be experiencing some difficulties in the supply of the vaccines.

The two novel corona virus vaccine doses have been very important for providing complete protection and developing the antibodies and T cells for the purpose of blocking the novel corona virus.