UK Starts Donating Covid-19 Vaccines to the Lower-Income Countries


On Wednesday, 28th July 2021, Dominic Raab, foreign secretary of United Kingdom said, this week, United Kingdom is going to start delivering around 9 million novel corona virus vaccines across the world for proving help to the low-income countries in the process of tackling the novel corona virus pandemic.

United Kingdom has also offered around five million doses of the corona virus vaccines to COVAX, which is the worldwide scheme launched for the purpose of ensuring the equitable access to the corona virus restrictions, that is urgently going to be distributed through an allocation system that is responsible in prioritising the delivery of the vaccines to the countries who need the vaccines the most.

UK is also going to share another four million doses of the vaccines directly with Indonesia to get 600,000 corona virus vaccine doses, and 300,000 vaccine doses to Jamaica and 817,000 vaccine doses to Kenya among the list of the low-income countries, and the corona virus vaccine doses, that are going to be donated is the AstraZeneca and Oxford covid-19 vaccine.

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Dominic Raab also said, United Kingdom is also going to be sending around nine million doses of the AstraZeneca corona virus vaccine, along with the first batch of the 100 million doses of the vaccine, which they have pledged for getting the most vulnerable parts of the world to get vaccinated in the times of urgency, and they are doing this for the purpose of helping the needy countries, but they also know that, they are not going to be safe until everyone is safe.