UK: Spire Healthcare Patients Recalled Over Shoulder Operation Concerns


Spire Healthcare, a private healthcare company, has confirmed it will recall patients amid concerns about the operations of a surgeon. Spire Healthcare has not confirmed how many patients of the surgeon ‘Munawar Shah’ will be recalled.

The recall comes after Walsall Healthcare Trust announced it was recalling around 600 NHS patients who underwent shoulder surgery performed by Munawar Shah. Spire Healthcare said it was committed to promptly respond to the concerns and will undertake good governance.

Since 2019, Munawar Shah, the third shoulder surgeon operating for Spire Healthcare, has had problems. A review by the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS), has recommended patients of Munawar Shah be recalled.

Following the review, Spire Healthcare said it began contacting specific patients who had particular treatment with the surgeon in the past. According to the company, Munawar Shah has not operated at Spire premises since 2020. It is not the first time concerns have been raised about surgery at Spire Healthcare.

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Spire Healthcare has declined to reveal the findings of the review into whether any patients have come to harm. However, a legal firm claims to represent over 30 patients and has said more than 20 cases had been settled.