UK Says Equipment of Huawei Technologies is Insufficient


According to the UK Body, which monitors the equipment of Huawei Technologies, the technology giant has been able to make no overall improvement in the company’s quality of cyber security and software engineering three year after Huawei has promised for fixing all the problems related to the systems.

The annual report published from the HCSEC (Huawei Cyber Security Evaluation Centre) said, despite of getting the sustained progress by the company in the process of resolving the historic issues and the new problems had also been uncovered, which has been responsible for indicating the producer of the telecommunications equipment had still not been performing to the standards of the industry.

The role of Huawei Technologies in the telecoms market of United Kingdom has been diminished over the previous year after the government of United Kingdom have opted for banning the use of the new 5G equipment from the company and it has also been setting a phaseout plan of seven years for the kit, which had already been installed.

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The monitoring body of United Kingdom has also been run by the National Cyber Security Centre of United Kingdom, that has been a part of GCHQ, a signals intelligence agency and it is also having the members of Huawei on the board.

In the past, the report has also been able to identify the issues along with the coding, which is being used in the equipment of Huawei Technologies, along with the use of the old software and the equivalence between the kit as it was tested in the past and was also used for the networks.