UK Records Over 10,000 Covid-19 Cases for First Time in 4 Months


On Thursday, 17th June 2021, United Kingdom has recorded 11,007 new daily novel corona virus cases, along with the continuously emergence of India’s Delta corona virus variant, that has been pushing the daily increase in the figures more than 10,000 for the first since February 2021.

On Monday, 14th June 2021, the government of United Kingdom said, a four-week delay in the re-opening of the country, is going to give time for completely vaccinating more people in the country, but the death rate on 17th June 2021 still remains low, along with 19 covid-19 deaths, that were recorded the Thursday.

The novel corona virus vaccines are still being believed to be highly effective against the prevention of the seriously sick people from the novel corona virus variant, but there has also been a concern that whether the increasing number of the corona virus cases is going to turn into the death tolls that have been similar to the past covid-19 waves, that the country have seen 127,945 people, who lost their lives.

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According to a report, that was published on 17th June 2021, that found that, the novel corona virus is currently growing exponentially across the United Kingdom, that have been mostly driven the non-vaccinated age groups, and the data from the report, have suggested that the covid-19 cases have been doubling in every 11 days.

The government of United Kingdom has now been taking a step forward in urging the people of the country for getting their novel corona virus vaccine doses in an attempt to slow down the increasing covid-19 cases in the country.