UK Records First Omicron Variant Death as its Spreads Rapidly Across the Country


On Monday, 13th December 2021, Boris Johnson, prime minister of the United Kingdom has confirmed that, the country has recorded its first death caused by Omicron covid-19 variant as the country has expanded the country’s booster programme for all the people, who are above 30 years of age.

Boris Johnson said, at least one patient has now been confirmed to have died with the Omicron corona virus variant, and the confirmation has come amid the reports of the new Omicron covid-19 variant of concern that has been causing mild disease as compared to the Delta covid-19 variant, that has currently been the most dominant strain across the globe.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said that, the new Omicron covid-19 variant has been more transmissible than the Delta variant of the corona virus and it has also been decreasing the efficacy but it is causes less serious symptoms and the report from the health agency of the United Nations show that, the Omicron covic-19 variant has also been detected in around 63 countries as of 9th December 2021.

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Boris Johnson said, he thinks the idea that, Omicron covid-19 variant is a milder version of the novel corona virus, and he also thinks that, it is something the people of the United Kingdom need to set on one side, and it has just recognized the sheer pace at which the variant has been accelerating through the population of the United Kingdom.