UK Parliament Asked Elon Musk To Testify On Twitter


A parliamentary committee of the United Kingdom has been scrutinizing the draft online safety legislation has now invited Elon Musk for the purpose of discussing the plans Elon Musk of buying the Twitter and also the changes, which he has been proposing for the social media platform.

The digital committee of the parliament of the United Kingdom has asked the chief executive officer of Tesla for giving the evidence about his proposals in more depth and Elon Musk said that, it has been too early for giving an answer.

Elon Musk said that, he is honoured and has also thanked the UK Parliament for their invitation, but is going to be premature at this time for accepting along with giving that, there had not been a shareholder vote yet.

The committee also said that, it is interested in the plans of Elon Musk, particularly in the intention of Elon Musk for launching the verification for all the users that has been showing its own recommendations to the government of the United Kingdom. Elon Musk has said that, he wants Twitter for authenticating all the humans and a proposal that can be related to his desire for ridding the website of the automated spam accounts.

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The online safety bill of the government of United Kingdom is going to be giving the regulators some wide-ranging powers for cracking down on the digital and social media companies in the United Kingdom.