UK NHS Planning Booster Covid-19 Vaccine Jab to People Over 50 years


The National Health Service (NHS) of United Kingdom has got green light from the government to start the planning for a novel corona virus vaccine booster programme in the country ahead of this winter. The country is also expecting a bigger flu season than normal, which means that, the country will need extra protection against the new variants of the novel corona virus.

According to the advice from the experts, over 30 million people out of the most vulnerable should receive a third dose of the novel corona virus vaccine, and this is going to be including all the adults, who are above 50 years of age, and also anyone younger, who is qualified for the vaccine jab of the flu.

The heads of the UK healthcare service had earlier said, they have been needing warning of a novel corona virus booster rollout in order for planning the logistics along with vaccinating million people in the United Kingdom against the flu. The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) of United Kingdom has also advised that, the corona virus booster is going to be helping the people in maintaining protection against the novel corona virus and also against the new and mutated variants of covid-19 before winter comes.

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The novel corona virus vaccines are thought for giving protection to most of the people of UK against the severe illness for around six months, but because of the lack of data on how long the immunity will last has been prompting an approach for the safety of the people.