UK Launched 10-year Quantum Technology Plan with 2.5-Billion Pounds Investment


The funding for the UK government’s ten-year plan for quantum technology has been doubled to 2.5 billion pounds. It wants to nearly double its market share in computing, quantum sensing, timing, and networking.

Quantum technologies have already established the UK as a global leader. The National Quantum Technologies Programme, the first of its kind in the world, was established in 2014 to promote high-quality research and remove technologies from the research environment. According to Michelle Donelan, secretary of state for science, innovation, and technology, the foresight from nearly ten years ago reflects the highly collaborative quantum community in the UK.

Their new ten-year, ambitious commitment to quantum technologies in the UK is outlined in this national strategy. They are investing 2.5 billion pounds in quantum over the next ten years, more than doubling our previous investment, with the intention of attracting significant additional private investment.

New subsidizing will be accessible for a 70 million pounds program of missions in quantum registering and PNT, as well as 100 million pounds speculation to keep on creating research center points in quantum processing, correspondences, detecting, imaging, and timing. 15 million pounds to increase the government’s procurement of public-use quantum technologies. 20 million pounds will be used to accelerate activities that collaborate with the industry on collaborative quantum networking R&D.

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The government has already funded 139 projects involving 141 quantum organizations through the Innovate UK Commercialising Quantum Challenge, and the UK has attracted 12% of global private equity investment into quantum technology companies in the last ten years. Additionally, there will be additional funding of 20 million pounds for increased activities through the National Quantum Computing Centre. The United Kingdom intends to increase that percentage to 15% of global private equity investments in quantum technology companies by 2033.