UK Government to End Quarantine for Fully Vaccinated Travelers


Grant Shapps, transport minister of United Kingdom is now expected for setting out the details of the plan for the purpose of ending the quarantine period for the fully vaccinated travelers, who are returning to United Kingdom from the medium-risk countries, which is going to be a huge boost for all airlines in the country.

Grant Shapps is soon going to be making a statement on the changes in the travel rule, which is going to be applied to United Kingdom, as the current rules have been stating that, those people, who are returning to United Kingdom from the countries like France, Italy and the USA, have to quarantine themselves for at least 10 days, which had severely affected the demand for travel.

It has now been expected that, Grant Shapps to say, those people or travelers, who have received both doses of the novel corona virus vaccines and who are returning from the so-called amber list countries are no longer have to self-quarantine themselves in July 2019, and until now, around 65 percent of the adult population of United Kingdom have been fully vaccinated.

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Grant Shapps is mostly expected to say that, they still have to the novel corona virus tests on their return to United Kingdom, and the travelers are also required to provide the details of the people under 18 years of age, who are currently not being vaccinated in United Kingdom can possibly travel with their parents without quarantining themselves.