UK Government to Ban Junk Food Advertising from 2023


The government of United Kingdom is going a ban on the advertisement of the junk foods on the online platforms and also on television before 9pm from 2023, as Boris Johnson, prime minister of United Kingdom has now been looking to deliver on the pledge made by him in an attempt for tackling the increasing obesity crisis of the United Kingdom.

The newly introduced rules, that are going to be some of the toughest restrictions for marketing across the world, are going to be putting heavy impact on more than 600 million pounds, that are spent by the brands on all of the advertisement of the food online and on the television annually.

The 9 pm ban of the junk food advertisement on television has been deemed for being high in slat, fat, and sugar, and it can possibly be responsible in causing the broadcasters including Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV, and Sky over 200 million pounds a year.

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The online ban of the junk food advertisement is going to be affecting all the paid forms of the digital marketing, which generally starts from the advertisements on Facebook to the search results that are paid on Google, along with the promotions through the text messages and also paid advertising on the social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, and it has also been estimated that, over 400 million pounds has been spent on the advertisements of the food products online in the country annually.

The rules for the advertisements are expected to be announced in the coming days following the changing views of Boris Johnson on the personal health decisions.