UK Government, People With Covid-19 Does Not Need to Self-Quarantine


The government of the United Kingdom said, the people affected with the novel corona virus is not going to be legally required to self-quarantine in the United Kingdom that has been starting in the upcoming week as a part of a plan for living with the novel corona that has likely been seeing the testing of the novel corona virus that has been scaling food.

Boris Johnson, prime minister of the United Kingdom said, the end of all the legal corona virus restrictions has brought in to stopping the spread of the novel corona virus is going to be letting the people in the United Kingdom and also protecting themselves without restricting their freedoms, and he is expected for laying out the details of the plan in the parliament of the United Kingdom.

The conservative government of Boris Johnson has now lifted most of the corona virus restrictions in the month of January 2022, ending the covi-19 vaccine passports for the venues and also ending mandates in most settings apart from the hospitals in the United Kingdom. The countries including Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, that has been setting the rules of public health have also been opened up.

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In the United Kingdom, 85 percent of the people aged 12 years and above have also gad two doses of the covid-19 vaccine and around two-thirds have also had third booster shot of the covid-19 vaccine, and this new plan has also been foreseeing the treatments and vaccines by keeping then covid-19 virus in check.