UK Government Launches Global International Science Partnership Funding in Tokyo, Japan


UK Science Minister George Freeman announced a new global research fund to deepen scientific partnership between the United Kingdom and International R&D powers such as Japan. The research will be opened with an initial 119 million pounds in UK government funding.

In Tokyo, Japan, George Freeman announce the first phase of the new International Science Partnerships Fund (ISPF). The new research fund will support innovators and scientists to work with peers around the world on some of the most pressing problems facing their world. Freeman set out the plans of UK government to take more global approach to business, innovation and science.

The plans involve collaboration with partners across the world to both drive investment, prosperity and innovation in the United Kingdom, with strengthening UK’s leadership in tackling the big global challenges from leading the fight to tackle global warming to harnessing new energy fusion faced globally.

According to George Freeman, United Kingdom has a well-earned reputation for a world-class science and research, and start-up enterprise industry. The fund will help the country to deepen their global research network in Japan and beyond tackling some of the greatest challenges of humanity.

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The top priority of UK government is to invest in the world leading research and development industry of the country, and facilitate their partnerships with its international counterparts.