UK Government Launched Landmark Reviews For Tackling Disparities in Health


The government of the United Kingdom has been planning to enable the people across the country for the people to live longer, along with healthier lives have been moving forward with the announcement of the UK government of the leads for the two significant independent reviews for the purpose of tackling the health disparities.

A review into the potential ethnic bias in the design along with use of the medical devices is going to be leading by Prof. Dame Margaret Whitehead from the public health at the University of Liverpool, UK. The ways in which the technologies and medical devices have been designed and are used has also raised the concerns about the impact of the ethnic background on a diagnostics of a patient and the treatment along with exacerbating the existing the inequalities in the healthcare.

Javed Khan OBE, former chief executive officer of the Children’s charity Barnardo is going to be leading an independent review of the bold ambition of the government of the United Kingdom for the purpose of making the country smoke free by the year 2030.

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As the government of the United Kingdom has made a goof and long term progress in the process of decreasing the rates of smoking to the lowest level ever, and there had also been an estimated smokers of around 6 million in the country and smoking has still been one of the biggest drivers of the health disparities.