UK Concerned Over New Covid-19 Variant Spreading in South Africa


On Thursday, 25th November 2021, the government of the United Kingdom said, it had been concerned by a newly identified variant of the novel corona virus that is spreading in the country of South Africa, which might be responsible in making the vaccines less effective and can affect the progress made across the world in fighting the novel corona virus pandemic.

The Health Security Agency of the United Kingdom said, the newly identified corona virus variant called as B.1.1.529 is having a spike protein that had been significantly different to the one, which is in the original corona virus variant on which all the novel corona virus vaccines are based on.

The officials has been characterizing the new corona virus variant, that is having double the number of the mutations as the already existing dominant Delta corona virus variant, and this new corona virus variant has only been identified in the beginning of the week, but the United Kingdom has been rushing to introduce the travel restrictions on the country of South Africa along with five neighbouring countries, by acting more swiftly than with the previous corona virus variants.

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Sajid Javid, health secretary of the United Kingdom said, what they do know is there has been a significant number of the mutations, in fact double the number of mutations that they have seen in the Delta novel corona virus variant, and this might be suggesting that, it may be more transmissible and the novel corona virus vaccines, which they have might be less effective against it.