UK Competition Watchdog Examines Mobile System Control of Google and Apple


The competition regulators of United Kingdom have now been paying close attention into the mobile operating systems, along with the browsers and the app stores, due to the growing concerns, that the control of the mobile ecosystems of the companies Apple and Google has been harming the consumers.

On Tuesday, 15th June 2021, the Competition and Markets Authority of the United Kingdom has opened a market study of the Appstore, iOS and Safari browser of Apple and Play Store, Android and Chrome browser of the company Google, and the company ‘Google’ said, the Android Operating System of the company is providing more choices to the people than any other mobile system in terms of the mobile apps they can use.

Google also said, they have welcomed the efforts of CMA of United Kingdom for understanding the details and differences between the platforms before designing the new rules in the future, and the company Apple has not responded immediately commented on the issue.

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The competition watchdog of United Kingdom said, it is going to be examining, whether the roles of Google and Apple, which the companies have in the mobile ecosystems has been stifling the competition in the digital markets across the world, and Andrea Coscelli, chief executive of CMA UK said, Google and Apple mainly control the major gateways through which, the consumers are downloading the mobile apps or browse the web on their smartphones.

Andrea Coscelli also said, they are now also checking that, whether this could possibly create problems for the consumers and businesses, which want to reach the people through their mobile phones.