UK Companies Leading the Expansion of Quantum Computing Technology


According to a research conducted by Accenture, more than 80 percent of the big companies of United Kingdom are now in the way for expansion of their capabilities of quantum computing, which is responsible for making them a leader in implementing the early technologies for the purpose of solving the complex problems.

In the last few years, the technology has started to move from the research to the commercial applications as it is seeking to take the advantage of the potential growth of the power of computing that is offered by the big companies, and United Kingdom has been a leader in the basic research related to science and technology for a very long time, but with very less notable exceptions, the country is struggling to take the advantage of the subsequent commercial opportunities.

Maynard Williams, managing director of Accenture Technology in Ireland and UK said, the novel corona virus pandemic has helped the large companies for adopting the new technologies quickly and also motivating them for new innovation in the technologies, and he also said, according to the research, the companies in United Kingdom are off to a good start in the experiments related to Quantum Computing.

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According to a survey, United Kingdom had been ahead of the United States with 74 percent, which is above the global average of 62 percent for the large companies scaling in the quantum technology, and the majority of the companies are also expanding their quantum computing technologies in United Kingdom and the companies are saying that, they are also going to increase their investment on the quantum technologies in the upcoming years.