UK Business Secretary Announced 95-Million Pounds Funding to Boost UK Growth


Grant Shapps, business secretary of the UK, announced a 95 million pound boost to develop the super-materials of the future, supporting research and innovation in the advanced materials sector at the UK’s Henry Royce Institute.

The funding, awarded through the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), cements the position of the United Kingdom as a world-leader in advanced materials. It follows an initial 258 million pounds of government investment made over the course of 5 years.

Advanced materials, including biomaterials, Nano engineered materials, and smart materials, possess unique properties that enable superior performance to their traditional counterparts. Advanced materials are very important in a wide range of industries, including transport, energy, health, and electronics.

The activities included 3D bio-printing for healthcare uses such as tissue engineering in regenerative medicine, turning waste materials into sustainable plastics, and using new materials to enable quantum technologies.

The funding will improve the work of the institute to support early-stage research in materials by providing financial backup, opportunities for partnership between researchers and businesses, and provide access to research facilities.

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Research and development is an important way to turbocharge the growth of the UK, and this 95 million pound investment will do just that, and bring together the sharpest minds across their businesses and institutions to help future-proof industries from nuclear energy to healthcare, said Grant Shapps.