UK Approves ‘Ronapreve’ for Treatment of Coronavirus


The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) of United Kingdom has given the approval to Ronapreve, for the purpose of preventing the Infection and providing treatment to the symptoms of the severe disease, along with decreasing the likelihood of the hospitalization due to covid-19.

This approval of Ronapreve has been followed by the data from the assessment of the clinical trial conducted by the scientists and clinicians of UK MHRA, and the treatment, which the healthcare professionals have been administering by the intravenous infusion and injection consists of two monoclonal antibodies that are responsible in binding the two different sites on the increase of the protein, which the novel corona virus is using to break into the host cells.

This binding has been responsible for preventing the novel corona virus from replicating and infecting the inside cells, which are responsible for lining the respiratory tract. Sir Martin Landray, professor of epidemiology and medicine at UK’s Oxford University said, Ronapreve is responsible for combining the two antibodies that mainly binds to the different places on the novel corona virus spike protein, along with prevention of the uptake by the cells and also accelerating the clearance of the corona virus.

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He also said, this combination of the two different types of antibodies is that, if one drug is preventing a viral variant from binding to the spike protein of the corona virus, the other is still going to be effective and the trial data has also been suggesting that, this combination not only decreases the hospitalization and death but also prevents illness in the close contacts of the people with the virus.