UK announced 25-Million Pounds To Prepare For Future Pandemics


Boris Johnson, the prime minister of the United Kingdom has announced a 25 million pound UK aid backing for the new fund to make sure the world is better prepared for defeating the future and upcoming pandemics.

The Financial Intermediary Fund, which is hosted by the World Bank for the prevention, preparedness and response of the pandemic is going to be providing funding to the countries, whose healthcare systems have been dangerously not prepared for the challenges that had been caused by the large outbreaks of the various infectious diseases.

The novel corona virus pandemic has led to at least 6.2 million deaths across the world and has also caused far-reaching economic devastation and stopping a pandemic like the corona virus ever happening again is going to require a concerted and coordinated international effort.

This new fund is going to be helpful in filling some of the financing gaps that are exposed by the novel corona virus pandemic particularly the insufficient financing for the preparedness in the disease surveillance and national health systems at the country, regional and world levels.

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Mainly, the fund can also help in catalysing the own financing of the countries because of which the world has been as equipped as possible whenever a new public health is emerged.