UEFA Reminds Sponsorship Obligations to Team After Ronaldo Case


The governing body of the European Football ‘UEFA’ has responded to the removal of a Coca Cola bottle at a Euro 2020 news conference done by Cristiano Ronaldo by tell the European teams that, they have the contractual obligations to the sponsors of the tournament.

A day later, Paul Pogba, midfielder of France, has also removed a Heineken beer bottle, which was place in front of him before speaking to the press after the 1-0 win of France over Germany, and Manuel Locatelli, who is a midfielder in Italy has also moved the bottles of Coca Cola aside, and placed a bottle of water in front of him before interacting with the press after their3-0 win over Switzerland on Wednesday, 16th June 2021.

On Thursday., 17th June 2021, the organizers of the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament said, UEFA has reminded all the teams participating in the tournament, that the partnerships have always been integral to the delivery of the tournament and to also make sure the continuous development of the game of football across the continent of Europe, which is including for both men and women.

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Martin Kallen, director of Euro 2020 tournament said, the main problem had been with the action of Cristiano Ronaldo, but there had also been some understanding of the players, who had done such things for religious purposes, and he also said that, UEFA is not going to take any sanctions and any of the sanctions are going to be a matter for the federations and UEFA does not intend to fine the players directly.