Uber to spend $10 billion to reduce traffic mobbing


Peer-to-peer ridesharing Uber Technologies has announced to spend an amount of around $10 million for coming three years, targeting to diminish traffic congestion in the cities. This problem intensified during last month because of the immense popularity amongst people of this California based company.

Having its operations in more than 750 places worldwide, this cab-service provider will support the efforts across the world by opting for alternatives such as pooling, public transit, and bikes instead of taking their own cars. This would be a vital step towards availing greener alternatives.

Some of the money is planned to be used for advocating congestion-priced plans which would charge drivers as soon as they will enter the busiest neighborhoods at times when traffic will be at peak.

Uber’s CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, articulated about a campaign in which $250,000 would be given to SharedStreets, which is a data-sharing project that will help in developing ways to share the data publicly. Also, the data released by Uber would help to calculate about how to utilize the curb space which is usually reserved for parking.

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Khosorowshahi said, “As more people have come to rely on Uber, our technology has become an important part of the transportation fabric of cities.” He added, “With that comes a responsibility: we recognize we need to step up and support cities that take bold steps to solve their transportation problems. We are in a unique position to have a meaningful and positive impact on the communities we serve across the globe – a responsibility we don’t take lightly.”

However, they are some critics, including taxi owners and drivers, who are imputing Uber to be held responsible for the traffic congestion that aggravated in many cities during last month as New York was first one to halt new vehicle licenses for these ride-providing services.