Uber to Launch Pension Plans for its UK Drivers


The Uber Technologies said, it is going to start rolling out the pension plan of the company to all the eligible drivers in the United Kingdom, just months after the ride hailing services that have been granted rights of the workers for the drivers in the country.

In the month of March 2021, the company ‘Uber Technologies’ had been reclassified the company’s more than 70,000 drivers in the United Kingdom as the workers that have been followed by a ruling of Supreme Court, and the company ‘Uber’ had also said, it is going to be offering the guaranteed entitlements, that has also been including the pay for holidays along with a pension plan and the limited wage.

On Friday, 24th September 2021, the company said, it is also going to be contributing a 3 percent of earnings of the drivers into a pension plan, as the drivers can possibly choose to contribute a minimum of 5 percent of the qualifying earnings of the drivers.

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The GMB union of the United Kingdom has been representing the drivers of Uber in the country, and it is also having the right for negotiating on behalf of the workforce, and the GMB union and Uber has also urged the other companies like Bolt, Ola, and Addison Lee for the purpose of offering some similar benefits to the drivers of Uber.

Jamie Heywood, an executive of Uber said, he is now extending an invitation to work with the operators like Ola, Addison Lee and Bolt for the purpose of creating a pension scheme of cross-industry.