Typhoon approaches Philippines, evacuations on-going


Philippine authorities evacuated thousands of people from the pathway of the detrimental typhoon, more than 4 million people are at the risk of losing their life by this dreadful storm. Schools declared closed, bulldozers equipped for landslides, and rescuers & troops placed on full alert in the northern Philippines.

Hawaii’s Joint Typhoon Warning Centre categorized it as a super typhoon with powerful winds and squalls just the same as category 5 Atlantic hurricane. Typhoon Mangkhut is one the verge of hitting northeastern Cagayan province on the coming Saturday. Likelihood of the storm to bring intense rains that could commence landslides and blaze floods, as predicted by the forecasters.

For securing their valuables and house, citizens covered glass windows with wooden boards and strengthened the house with ropes along with moving fishing boats towards safety.

Philippines member of the house representative Manuel Mamba, articulated about the evacuations from the hazardous coastal villages has started and all the schools have been ordered to remain close. He said, “The weather here is still good but we’re moving them now because it’s very important that when it comes, people will be away from peril.”

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Philippines President, Rodrigo Duterte, commanded the cabinet officials for supervising the calamity work and said that it is quite early to seek for a foreign aid. “It would depend on the severity of the crisis. If it flattens everything, maybe we need to have some help.”