Twitter to Expand its Subscription Service to the United States and New Zealand


On Tuesday, 9th November 2021, Twitter Inc., announced that, it is now rolling out the company’s subscription product to the countries including the United States and New Zealand, and the subscription package is going to be including new features as the social networking site pushes to diversify.

The Twitter Blue subscription package of Twitter, which is going to cost 2.99 dollars per month, is now including the ability for reading some of the news articles without any advertisements, and also the ability to upload longer videos along with the customization of the navigation bar in the application of Twitter.

The company ‘Twitter’, which is based on San Francisco, USA, that earns most of the money by selling the advertising, is now focusing on the more consistent sources of the revenue with the help of selling the access to some of the features to heavy the users of Twitter who had been flocking to the site for getting the information of the current events and news.

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Twitter said, the subscribers of the Twitter Blue can also read the articles from the publications with any ads, and a portion of the subscription of Twitter Blue of the user will be going to the news organizations, and the subscribers can also pin the important conversations to the top of the inbox of the messaging features along with changing the theme of the company’s Twitter app.