Twitter Locks Employees Out of Office Buildings


Twitter has told its employees that the office buildings of the company will be closed temporarily, with immediate effect, without giving any reason for the move. The announcement comes amid reports that large number of employees were leaving the company after Elon Musk called on them to work for long hours at high intensity or quit.

The reports have been met with dismay from tech workers union with Prospect, a union for tech workers, which asked Twitter UK to meet regarding the treatment of its staff. Mike Clancy, general secretary of Prospect, said that they will not let the makings of Twitter to pass unchecked.

Mike Clancy added that they are urgently seeking a meeting with Twitter UK to discuss how it will manage the collective redundancy consultation, with ensuring a transparent and fair process, and meeting its duty of legal obligations to employees, including the ones with particular needs.

Prospect will continue to do everything they can to support their members working at Twitter, and the large tech companies are not above the law and they will be holding Twitter to legal account wherever possible.

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Twitter did not respond immediately to a request for comment, and in response to the employees leaving the company, Bruce Daisley, former vice-president of Twitter said that there were former engineers of the company claiming that the platform could fail in the future.

Bruce Daisley added that there is a big number of features that seem to be predicted on having skilled engineers on site, and if such engineers are leaving the company, then it will affect the sustainability of the product.