Twitter Closes its US Offices after New Rules by CDC


The company ‘Twitter’ is now shutting the offices that the company has re-opened in the United States of America while the several big technology companies that are responsible on making the novel corona virus vaccination compulsory for the on-campus employees, as the highly contagious Delta variant of the novel corona virus that is responsible for driving the increase in the novel corona virus cases.

Last week, Facebook and Google said, all of their employees in the United States will have to get the corona virus vaccines for stepping into the offices, and the company Google has also been planning to expand the company’s corona virus vaccination that had been driving to the other regions in the upcoming months.

The company Twitter Inc., has also paused the company’s future openings of the office, had also started allowing the employees back to the campuses of the company based in San Francisco and New York at a capacity of 50 percent after over 16 months.

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According to the online streaming company ‘Netflix Inc.,’ has also made the decision for implementing a policy in which the company has made the novel corona virus vaccinations for crew and cast on all of Netflix’s productions in United States.

According to the reports, the company Apple Inc., is also planning for the purpose of restoring the policy for wearing of the face masks at most of the stores of the company, which has been including both for the staff and customers, even if they will be vaccinated.