Twitter Blocks its Users to Share Mastodon Links


Twitter has blocked users from sharing a number of links that are related to Mastodon, its social media rival. Mastodon is divided into servers based on a variety of topics, such as snooker, the UK, and security. Additionally, Twitter has blocked links to a number of the largest servers that users might join, including the world’s most popular social media platform.

Twitter is also preventing users from including links to Mastodon accounts in their bios because it considers these links to be malware. There is positively no proof to support the idea that Twitter’s adversary contains malware, including malevolent programming that might possibly influence the gadgets.

Mastodon claimed that in November 2022, it gained hundreds of thousands of users as some Twitter users sought out alternative platforms. But there are ways to get around the fact that not all links to Mastodon have been blocked. It is not possible to post the reference to the user’s Twitter in a subsequent attempt to create a link on their Mastodon page.

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Users attempting to post links to the blocked servers will instead receive an error message stating that they are unable to complete this request because this link has been identified by Twitter. It is still unclear how many servers for Mastodon have been blocked by Twitter.

The European Union has also threatened Elon Musk with sanctions and stated that the Digital Services Act of the European Union requires respect for media freedom.