Donald Trump

Trump’s Phone Calls Eavesdropped by China, Want to Sway Him by Listening to His Calls


With the immensely escalated trade combat between China and the US, China has been eager to tap American President Donald Trump’s calls, with his allies, in order to sway the US policies. Trump has been repeatedly warned by his allies about his insecure phone calls that are usually tapped by Russian spies for intruding in the US policies.

However, the President always denies to not to use his cell phone and hence resulting in frequent eavesdropping. The officials have reported the US spy agencies to learn from the people about its foreign policies

The US officials came to know from the people in foreign governments about the diverting communications from foreign officials which China and Russia are listening to the calls. Nonetheless, the White House has not yet responded to the requests to comment on this matter.

China possesses a sophisticated approach towards the diverted calls and is seeking to use them in order to determine what Trump thinks, whom he is listening to and what is best to sway him, the Times reported, citing the officials.

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While possessing a sophisticated approach headed for the intercepted calls, China is keen to use the information for determining Trump’s thought process and how they can use this in the intense trade war.

With the rising concerns on several instances this year about cell phone surveillance activity in the US, the Department of Homeland Security, in a letter, has warned several senators about the similar activities and tried to solve it with the help of mobile subscriber identity catchers.