Trial for Wireless EV Charging to Start in UK


The wireless charging of the electric vehicles has been long considered as the dream for having a cable-free electric vehicle and more convenient ownership along with a solution to the seamless and sightless infrastructure, and Sprint Power, a technology company in the United Kingdom has been currently leading a multi-million-pound project, which is backed by the government of United Kingdom.

The project is aiming for demonstrating the suitability of the wireless electric vehicle charging technology for the fleet vehicles, and the company has also developed a series of the advanced module for wireless charging ahead of starting the trials on the streets of Warwick, Nottingham and Leeds in the upcoming months.

The funding for the project has been awarded by the Innovate UK, which is a non-departmental public body, that is mainly funded by the government of United Kingdom, and it has been designed for the purpose of driving the research and development into the new and emerging technologies.

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In addition to the company Sprint Power, the project is also including the University of Nottingham, the University of Warwick, MyEVS, Leeds City Council and Loughborough University.

The company ‘Sprint Power’ has also developed an electrical distribution system (EDS), along with a PDM (power distribution module) and also high voltage harness assembly, which is going to be responsible in enabling a fleet of the vehicle for the purpose of charging without wires through the pads attached to the ground.

This design is automatically going to be responsible in recognizing which power source will be needed for drawing the current from and with each electric vehicle that features in both the capability of plugin charging and wireless charging.