Tradebe to Expand Manufacturing and Healthcare Waste Operations in UK


Tradebe, a hazardous waste specialists company based in the United Kingdom had been undergone a restructure as the company has been looking to increase the capacity of the company for the manufacturing and the healthcare industries across the United Kingdom.

Kristian Dales, chief executive of Tradebe UK said, the company is also going to be pursuing the contracts along with the different types of the companies that mainly includes the healthcare companies and the manufacturing companies, and this has been a change of the strategy for the company, that had been previously focusing on offering the specialists services for the companies of the waste management for the purpose of dealing with the streams of hazardous waste.

In the month of December 2019, the company has also opened a clinical waste facility at Bellshill located near Glasgow, in response to the clinical waste infrastructure capacity shortage that has been caused by the downfall of the Healthcare Environmental Services in the United Kingdom.

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Kristian Dales said, with around 900 employees in the United Kingdom, and 16 specialist sites, the company has been a significant player in the waste management of United Kingdom, although until now, they have also had a very low profile.

The company Tradebe has also created three different types of divisions for the purpose of pursuing the new strategy, along with the Tradebe Industrial, which has been headed by Christian Hagerup, Tradebe Radioactive, which has been led by Oriol Segarra, and Tradebe Healthacre that is headed by Helder Daravano.