TikTok Launches Editing Tools and Enhances Creation in the US


TikTok, with the aim of giving users more creative freedom with their content, has rolled out a range of enhanced new creation and editing tools in the United States. The new editing tools will empower users to share richer stories, bring content ideas, and enjoy more freedom to life across all formats.

According to TikTok, they are excited to see how an enhanced editing experience will power storytelling and also makes video creation more accessible and intuitive, which make it easier to create great content.

TikTok said its enhanced editing tools will allow users to adjust clips, images, sounds, and text in a new editing environment, all within the creation flow of TikTok. The platform has also released a Photo Mode, which is a new carousel format available on mobile for photo content that is ideal for sharing high-quality images on TikTok.

Users can now pair users to share carousal posts of still images, which automatically display one after another. They can also add music to soundtrack the images, which viewers can swipe through at their own pace.

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The company said with extra space, they are hopeful that creators will have extra room to build on the stories they have shared in the videos of Photo Mode, giving users space to express themselves and connect with others.