Flying drone

This Flying Drone Can Hover Up In the Sky Up To 2 Hours


Sunnyvale, a start-up based in California, on Monday, proclaimed a battery-driven quadcopter that is empowered to stay up in the sky for up to two long hours by just a single charge or 78 minutes with a 3-pound payload.

This drone, US-1, is effectively designed by the engineers of Tesla and SpaceX is basically a battery with propellers, constructed with a “battery-first” approach used in the machine’s development.

Persisting a speed of 42 mph, US-1 has a 26-inch frame and weighs 15.7 pounds. This remarkable machine is high in demand and the company has already bagged numerous orders such as fire fighters, police departments, and search and rescue teams.

Spencer Gore, CEO of Impossible Aerospace, said in a statement, “The US-1 is more than just a drone – it’s the first aircraft designed properly from the ground up to the electric, using existing battery cells without compromise.” He added, “It’s not so much an aircraft as it is a flying battery, leveraging an energy source that doubles as its primary structure.”

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Gore believes that the electric aircraft will need to be built if they are looking for competing with conventional designs or displacing petroleum fuels in aviation. He indicated his plans for incorporating this technology into an aircraft which is larger and can result in a major swing in the aviation industry.