The Coca-Cola Company Launches New Global Brand Platform ‘Real Magic’ for its Trademark


The company ‘Coca-Cola’ has revealed a new global brand philosophy along with a platform called as Real Magic, that has been responsible for inviting everyone for celebrating the real magic of the humanity. The platform has been responsible for refreshing the trademark promise of the company, for the purpose of uplifting and uniting the people every day along with a renewed relevance of the world in with the people are living today.

The Real Magic platform has been built from the lessons of the previous 18 months, which includes that, the people can find magic all around them, when they will come together in the unexpected moments that have been elevating their everyday into the extraordinary things, and it has also been acknowledging the several contradictions that have been experienced as the new generation for the purpose of finding the harmony and the connection of the human beings in a divided and virtual world.

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Manolo Arroyo, chief market officer at Coca-Cola said, the company has been a brand defined by the dichotomies, that has been humble but iconic and authentic and secret, along with real and also magical. He also said, the philosophy of Real Magic has been rooted in the belief that, the dichotomies can possibly be making the world a more interesting place, which has been a world of the extraordinary people, along with the unexpected and wonderful opportunities. He added that, it has also been capturing the essence of the company itself, which has been a real taste, that has been indescribable, along with a unique touch of real magic.