The CDC is Discontinuing Country-Specific COVID-19 Travel Health Notices in the US


The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has ended its COVID-19 country travel health notices as fewer countries have reported enough data for accurate assessments. In April 2022, the US CDC dropped its COVID-19 travel recommendations for around 90 international destinations, and said it would reserve its Level 4 travel health notices for some special circumstances.

Level 4 travel health notices call for all US citizens to avoid travel because of COVID-19, even those who are fully vaccinated. According to the US CDC, as fewer countries are testing for COVID-19 cases, the ability of the CDC to accurately assess the COVID-19 travel health notice levels for most of the destinations is limited.

Since April 2022, the notices have drawn attention since the US CDC began issuing recommendations against travelling to specific countries. Recently, CDC has recommended notices against travel to around 120 countries and territories across the world, or over 50 percent of all destinations.

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These new travel notices have deterred some American citizens from travelling and a recommendation has been made to not travel to Japan in May 2021. The US CDC said, it will only post a travel health notice for a country if a situation like the serious COVID-19 variant is identified, which changes the travel recommendations of the CDC for that country.