The a2 Milk Company Receive FDA Discretion to Supply Infant Milk Formula in the US


New Zealand’s The a2 Milk Company has received enforcement discretion from the US Food and Drug Administration to supply its a2 Platinum Premium Infant Milk Formula to the US market to help overcome the ongoing supply crisis. a2 Platinum is a leading international infant milk formula brand.

The a2 Platinum is made with a2 milk, which is 100% real milk that comes from cows that naturally produce the A2 protein type. According to research, a2 A2 Milk is easy to digest and may help avoid stomach discomfort.

The a2 Milk Company expects to sell around 1 million cans of a2 Platinum through June 30, 2023, assuming the US FDA discretion remains in place throughout the period. In addition to this, the company is also able to supply Stage 3 toddler products to the US market.

As a global provider of infant milk formula, receiving enforcement discretion to bring a2 Platinum formula to the US market will enable the company to help address the ongoing supply crisis across the United States with a product that has been trusted by parents internationally for over a decade, said Blake Waltrip, CEO of the a2 A2 Milk Company.

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With the US FDA enforcement discretion, the a2 Milk Company can expand its presence and retailer partnerships in the United States, to secure distribution for a2 A2 Platinum in major retailers across the US, where it has sold all of its premium milk products since 2015.