Telkom Partner with Huawei to Launch 5G Consumer Products in UK


Telkom has partnered with Huawei to launch its consumer 5G products on November 17, 2022. Telkom has commercially launched its 5G network in partnership with Huawei at an event.

Lunga Siyo, chief executive officer of Telkom’s consumer business, announced that they had 123 active 5G network sites in the United Kingdom, and it will focus on fixed wireless access products. Lebo Masalesa, mobile network managing executive at Telkom, said that they have already started testing the mobile 5G network.

According to Telkom, they have planned to launch with contract packages of 24-months and 36-months that also include a router. These products will not be free to use deals, and at the end of the contract period, the subscribers will also own the router.

Greg Roberts, Telkom’s senior manager, said that they will use data from their coverage map to alert prospective customers if they require an external antenna for optimal performance. Greg Roberts continued by saying that the subscribers could use the Huawei router, which Telkom has opted to launch indoors and outdoors.

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According to Greg Roberts said, Telkom is also planning to launch three tiers of uncapped products in November 2022, and all the three products will be governed by the standard fair use policy of Telkom.