Tech Giants to Face Big Changes Under the Antitrust Proposal of US


The antitrust overhaul package has been revealed in the US Congress that is targeting the big tech companies of United States. If this package is enacted, then it could possibly have some far-reaching effects on the usage of the internet by the people and it will also affect the biggest technology companies across the United States.

The five bills, which are scheduled for a committee vote on 23rd June 2021, can possibly be responsible in paving the way for the re-organization of the big technology companies in the country like Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Google while re-shaping the complete ecosystem of the Internet.

The new measures will be responsible in stopping the technology companies from operating a platform for the third parties during the offerings of the competing services on all those platforms, which are currently dealing with a major blow to the likes of Amazon and Apple. The lawmakers of the United States are also seeking to put a ban on the big technology companies from prioritizing their own services and products.

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Fiona Scott Morton, a professor at Yale University and former US official said, the new legislation stems from the previous failure of the antitrust enforcement in the United States and also across the world for making a reduction in the dominance of the big technology companies.

She also said, this is a regulation, and it cannot be called as antitrust anymore, and she added that, the company Apple might have to sell, or it might close down its music service and the company apple will have to choose.