Team Telecom Recommends US FCC to Give Licenses To Meta and Google for Undersea Cable


The Department of Justice of the United States announced that, the Team Telecom has entered into the National Security Agreements with the companies including Meta Platforms Inc., and Google LLC for the purpose of protecting the data in the PLCN (Pacific Light Cable Network) system, which has been an undersea fibre optic cable system that is going to be connecting the countries including Philippines, the United States and Taiwan.

The agreements had been made with the different Departments of Defense (DOS), Justice (DOJ), and the Department of the Homeland Security (DHS) in their roles as the members of the committee for the Assessment of the Foreign Participation in the telecommunications and services industry of the United States, which is also known as Team Telecom, and had also been in coordination with the committee advisors, which the condition of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) for any license for operating the PLCN system on the coordination with the National Security Agreements.

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Matthew G. Olsen, assistant attorney general of the national security division of Justice Department said, all the agreements are going to be enabling Meta and Google for taking the advantage of the critical along with the additional cable capacity while protecting the security and privacy of the people of the United States through the terms that has been reflecting the existing threat to the environment, and this resolution has also been demonstrating the ability of Team Telecom for the purpose of resolving the complex cases.