TC Energy Plans Switch to Renewable Energy for its North American Energy Pipelines


According to the reports, the company ‘TC Energy’ has been planning to make a large investment for the purpose of lowering the carbon emissions by switching to the renewable energy for the purpose of running the company’s large network in the United States and the oil and gas pipelines in the region of Canada.

The company mainly ships oil and gas through the pipelines that are around 100,000 kms, and Corey Hessen, president of power and storage at TC Energy said that, they have started with their liquids pipeline and it has been responsible in giving them a lot of confidence that, they are going to be able of pivoting quickly to their business of natural gas pipeline in both Canada and the United States of America.

The decision of TC Energy for the purpose of powering the pipelines along with the solar energy and wind energy instead of using the natural gas, which has been similar to the small-scale plans by the competitor of the company known as Enbridge and it would possibly be going towards meeting the demands of the investor for the purpose of improving the environmental performance.

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Corey Hessen also said, this project has been the best opportunity for the company TC Energy for the purpose of playing a part in the transition of energy, and the continuously increasing price of carbon in Canada can possibly be responsible in adding a significant expense to the costs of the company if TC Energy fails in decreasing the carbon emissions.