Taylor Swift Concert Ticket Sale Cancelled Amid High Demand


Tickets for Taylor Swift’s live concert sold so fast that the general public did not have a chance to buy them. Ticketmaster, the company selling tickets to Taylor Swift’s US tour had cancelled the public sale on Thursday, citing high demand on the ticketing systems, and insufficient ticket inventory.

Ticketmaster has already sold more than two million tickets in pre-sales for the selected groups, and now the ticketing company has come under criticism after high demand crashes its websites.

Ticketmaster has blamed the problems on a number of bot attacks, that overwhelmed its websites as well as high demand for seeing Taylor Swift, who first debut on the scene in 2006, and has then supplied a steady stream of worldwide hits ever since.

Ticketmaster said that more than 3 million Taylor Swift fans have registered in advance as verified fans in the hope of getting tickets for the singer’s US tour in the pre-sale. The sales for the special fans went on sale on Tuesday November 15, 2022.

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Despite problems during the pre-sale, the company has estimated affected about 15 percent affected interactions across the site. According to the company, it still sold over 2 million tickets, which the most every for an artist in a single day.

While it is impossible for each and every one to get tickets to these concerts, they know they can do much more to improve the experience and that is what they are currently focusing on, Ticketmaster said.

Ticketmaster is one of the most hated companies on earth, said British Comedian John Oliver, and he also blamed the company for high prices, and scarce availability that confront the fans hoping to attend the concerts and several other events.

Congressman David Cicilline, who looks over the House Committee on competition and anti-trust, said that the excessive wait times and fees of Ticketmaster are not acceptable, and are a symptom of a bigger problem.