Tata Motors Signs India’s Biggest EV Deal with Uber


Tata Motors, the largest manufacturer of electric passenger vehicles in India, has agreed to supply Uber with 25,000 electric vehicles (EVs). In India, the agreement represents the largest EV commitment made by a car manufacturer and a ride-sharing platform. Uber will partner with fleet operators in the Delhi National Capital Region, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Ahmedabad areas to deploy Tata Motors’ XPRES-T electric vehicles in accordance with the agreement.

Prabhjeet Singh, president, Uber India and South Asia, said that, Uber is focused on carrying feasible and shared portability to India. A significant turning point in that journey is this partnership with Tata Motors. It is the largest ever EV partnership between an Indian automobile manufacturer and a ride-sharing platform.

Uber has focused on 100% of rides occurring in zero-discharge vehicles, on open travel, or with miniature portability by 2040. The ride-hailing industry is becoming increasingly interested in converting its fleet to EVs, which is why the announcement was made. This is Tata Motors’ second such significant agreement with a ride-hailing service.

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In June of last year, Tata and BluSmart Mobility, a Gurugram-based all-electric taxi company, had agreed to deliver 10,000 XPRES-T EVs. As part of its Bengaluru EV cab pilot, Ola Cabs, a rival to Uber, plans to deploy approximately 1,000 cars as well.

In February 2023, the cars will be delivered gradually and in stages. However, inquiries regarding the deal’s valuation and timeline were not answered by the company. Uber is not purchasing these automobiles, according to company sources. Uber’s fleet partners will receive delivery of vehicles. Uber has a number of fleet partners who use the ride-sharing platform to operate their vehicles in a variety of cities and regions.

Sources claim that Tata EV deliveries will be accepted by some of the significant fleet partner organizations. The owners of the fleet will be able to quickly board electric vehicles that will be operated on the Uber platform, lowering the barriers to going electric.

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Shailesh Chandra, overseeing chief, Goodbye Engines Traveler Vehicles and Goodbye Traveler Electric Portability, said that, offering clients their harmless to the ecosystem EV ride encounters through Uber’s Superior class administration will speed up the reception of green and clean private ride-sharing. Our fleet partners find the EV to be an appealing business proposition due to its fast charging solution, driving comfort, and cost-effectiveness, in addition to the improved safety, quiet cabin, and premium in-cabin experience.